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100% anonymous

Tips received by Medbyggerne will be anonymised and forwarded to an e-mail address for the Tax Administration and the Labour Inspection Authority. The police will be contacted by the agencies if it is considered necessary based on the tip.

Work-related crime

Norwegian working life is, on the whole, characterised by orderly and good working conditions. Still, there are certain enterprises and sectors that are marked by illegal activities and work-related crime in the form of undeclared labour and evasion of taxes and duties. The consequences are serious, both for the affected employees, enterprises and sectors, and for the continued financing of the welfare system.


  • A stable and safe labour market
  • Improving the quality of craftsmanship
  • Prevention of harmful work situations and insurance cases
  • Ensuring apprenticeships, craft certificates and professional titles
  • Giving craftsmen predictability with requirements for national insurance schemes, tariff wages, holiday pay and insurance
  • Facilitation of the establishment of reputable businesses
  • Protecting competition on equal terms
  • Ensuring the tax base and maintaining the Norwegian welfare state that we all benefit from
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